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Posted on 22 Sep ’13 by guruscotty on Art, Art, Modified

Modified Wiseman Holding a Sword on a Tiger

Frankly, I just don’t think you can get much more awesome than “Chinese wiseman holding a sword and riding on the back of a tiger.” That’s the title of the original photograph from the Library of Congress. Created this one for my presentation at Pecha Kucha Vol. 9 earlier this month. 12.5×17 print on 13×19 […]

Posted on 18 May ’13 by guruscotty on Art, Art, Modified, Art, Recent Works

Modified Mega Skyline

Hmmm — it’s late Saturday afternoon and I’ve come up with a plaid city. Yet I can’t bring myself to call this “Plaid City,” and I’m not sure why. Several major skylines overlaid with one another — then blended and stretched and all that other stuff I do to them.

Posted on 18 Mar ’13 by guruscotty on Art, Art, Moto Kanji, Art, Recent Works

Moto Kanji #14

Moto Kanji #14 is definitely a departure from the original intent, but it’s based on the same idea, so I’ll file under Moto Kanji, rather than some new appellation. And I should probably just make my life easier and broaden the definition.

Actually, by calling it so, I guess I have already broadened the definition.

If you’re curious — which I hope you are — this is k-rail on Loop 820 in Northwest Fort Worth, where a car rubbed against the k-rail. I photographed this one this weekend while the house was pretty quiet, and I thought I could get out and get weird without causing too much stress.

Posted on 17 Mar ’13 by guruscotty on Art, Art, Moto Kanji

Moto Kanji #13

Ah, back to the heart of Moto Kanji — tire tracks as brush strokes. It’s been amazing discovering how the idea plays out in the real world. We’re I using brush marks to make tire tracks, I’d have infinite control over how and where the brush strokes appear.